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Marketing automation made simple.

Build, manage and promote your menu.

More than 1 million restaurants have switched to virtual menus, don't be left behind.

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How our menus work

Foodcourt will make your customers, regulars.

The menu is the lead generator, marketer and customer success manager.

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Email Retargeting

Keep customers coming back with messages and notifications

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Experience+ Club

Charge monthly subscription and give customers special perks like free drinks and more.

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Send customers coupons and gifts to keep coming back.

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 Coupons and Gifts

Foodcourt is a menu builder not a website builder.  We keep is simple for you and your customers. Build your menu with FoodCourt and it'll add value, not confusion, to your customers.

Why FoodCourt

Empowering under-represented small restaurants

Successful Restaurant Owner
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Fully customize your menu to be super simple, so you don't confuse customers with pointless websites.


Using AI your menu will have the ability to collect customer-driven activity, reviews, photos, and other metrics.

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Your menu always up to date and attracting new customers.

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Beautiful QR Menus

Replace your paper menu with our QR-Codes, that will link to your menu.

  • Stickers

  • Wooden

  • Acrylic Stands

  • More Options...

Our Friends

Why restaurants like Foodcourt?

"Foodcourt helped me retain my customers during hard times."

Royale Mexican Is a Jamaican and Mexican Fusion Restaurant located in the west side of Phoenix

Small Business Owner

Andrea Rubio  

Royale Mexican

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